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Blazing Heart Publishing is a Publisher of all things fiction and romance. We are currently accepting submissions from Authors into our books catalog as well as into our E-Magazine Catalog.

Books of the Mainstream Male/Female, LGBT [Male/Male & Female/Female) variety are accepted. All genres are welcomed. To view more information about our submissions guidelines for both the EMag and Book submissions, kindly visit our website at;

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Which Genre do you accept?

We accept all genres including but not limited to Contemporary, Historical, Dark Romance, New/Young Adult, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Sport Romance, Medical Romance, Celebrity Romance and so much more. Our categories are also divided into Mainstream Male/Female and LGBT (Male/Male & Female/Female).


How do we submit into your EMagazine and is there a fee

Our EMags are divided into three (3) sections and we are currently accepting requests to be features in all. Authors and Article Writers are welcomed to submit a request to be featured in our upcoming EMags. There is no fee to submit.

Guideline for submission can be found in our Calls Page at;


When are your EMags issued?

We issue out E-Magazines on a quarterly basis. Our upcoming EMag is Spring, 2020.


Will you accept Previously Published Manuscripts from Authors?

Yes. So long as the author retains all right and no third party's right will be infringed upon, we will accept previously published works of all genres and in all our categories.

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