Was set up by Author Toby Aden to provide other Users with addition distribution options for their books where uploading to the platform and managing their dashboard is a relatively easier process. 


Dhemfah also provides Readers with a more cumulative and easier browsing methods for books they desire to have and read.

Thank you all for using Dhemfah for your shopping and uploading experience!

Users - Authors/Self-Publishers, Other Retailers and Publishers

End Users - Readers, Viewers and Buyers on Dhemfah Store

Readers FAQs

EBook Download Format:

All products on our store are in Kindle MOBI format. They can be read directly on your kindle app once you purchase the books.


To access the files after purchasing, either; 

  • Download the book using the download link from purchase. Link will also be sent to the purchase email for future reference.

  • Once book has been downloaded, Send the book to your kindle email.

  • Open it directly with your Kindle app.

  • NB: EPUB works best with the Nook, iPod and iPad, while       MOBI works best with Kindle.

We also offer EPUB files to customers who request it. To request;

  • Be logged in to your Dhemfah account,

  • Contact us through the form on our website.

  • Details must include;

                > SUBJECT: EPUB Request for Book Purchased

                > EMAIL BODY:

                > Book Title (Series Title - if any)

                > Author Name

How Many Times Can I Download A Digital Purchase?

You can download the eBooks and Audiobooks as many times as you wish once you've purchased the book but only within a period of 30 days from book purchase. Do note that after 30 days, the link to download your book will expire.

You can also visit your 'My Orders' Page to view your Order history and download links.


Readers, you can shop on Dhemfah by;​