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Was set up by Author Toby Aden to provide other Users with addition distribution options for their books where uploading to the platform and managing their dashboard is a relatively easier process. 


Dhemfah also provides Readers with a more cumulative and easier browsing methods for books they desire to have and read.

Thank you all for using Dhemfah for your shopping and uploading experience!

Users - Authors/Self-Publishers, Other Retailers and Publishers

End Users - Readers, Viewers and Buyers on Dhemfah Store

Readers FAQs

EBook Download Format:

All products on our store are in Kindle MOBI format. They can be read directly on your kindle app once you purchase the books.


To access the files after purchasing, either; 

  • Download the book using the download link from purchase. Link will also be sent to the purchase email for future reference.

  • Once book has been downloaded, Send the book to your kindle email.

  • Open it directly with your Kindle app.

  • NB: EPUB works best with the Nook, iPod and iPad, while       MOBI works best with Kindle.

We also offer EPUB files to customers who request it. To request;

  • Be logged in to your Dhemfah account,

  • Contact us through the form on our website.

  • Details must include;

                > SUBJECT: EPUB Request for Book Purchased

                > EMAIL BODY:

                > Book Title (Series Title - if any)

                > Author Name

How Many Times Can I Download A Digital Purchase?

You can download the eBooks and Audiobooks as many times as you wish once you've purchased the book but only within a period of 30 days from book purchase. Do note that after 30 days, the link to download your book will expire.

You can also visit your 'My Orders' Page to view your Order history and download links.


Readers, you can shop on Dhemfah by;​

  • Visiting our SHOP and browsing through our Category lists;

  • Using the search engine at the header to find books, author or other information on Dhemfah Store;

  • Using the book links from external sites to find books directly on our store.

Terms & Conditions

Goods bought from Dhemfah cannot be refunded. Readers can browse through our shop and purchase from the variety of Publishers and Authors with us.

Do contact our customer care service if you have any issues.

Contact Us

Readers, if you have any issues, kindly contact us through the form on our HOME PAGE or Contact us through the Members Chat Box /Icon found on every page.

Do You Sell Gift Cards?

YES. We do sell gift cards and they can be purchased through your member account page. Gift cards are an alternative means of purchasing books on our stores and only operate with Dhemfah Store.


You can either purchase a gift card for yourself, send either a partial or the full amount of your gift card balance to a friend or receive a gift card.



  • Go to My GiftCards in your member account.

  • Once you've purchased, sent or received a gift card, a notification will be sent to you within 24 hours containing the gift card details

  • You will need to first redeem the gift card for it to be operational. Your Gift Card Summary will also then be updated.

  • You can now begin shopping with your gift card code and it will run until the card has been used up. Always refresh the page to view your updated summary.

Forum Page Use

Readers, we encourage active use of our forums to communicate with other readers and share your love for all things books.

Book Recommendations, Book Challenges, Features you wish to see on our store, Suggestions and all General talks related to Books are permissible in the forum. 

We only ask that you do endeavor to be kind in comments.

Happy reading and shopping!

Visit Forum

Big Spender Gift Card

Dhemfah appreciates all readers and buyers who purchase books through our store. To show our appreciation, we are giving away big spender gift card rewards to all readers;

  • Who purchases books directly from our store.

  • Whose purchase exceeds $50.00

Gift Card Reward;

  • Reward is 1/3 of total amount spent.

To be a valid Reader who Qualifies for this reward;

  • Purchases need not be in bulk but can be accumulated over time.

  • Readers must be a member of Dhemfah store and purchases made can be traced to their 'My Orders' Member page. (That is, reader logged in to their account before making purchase.)

  • Purchases cannot be made with gift card codes. Must be original purchases made through either Paypal, Credit or Debit Card payment. Discounted (Deals) books are inclusive in totaling the minimum amount of $50 spent at store.

  • Amount spent is calculated based on either newly achieved spender target of $50 or all purchases with minimum attained after the last Big Spender Gift Card Redemption.

  • Reader need not redeem card immediately after minimum spending amount has been reached, your Big Spender Gift Card can be redeemed on minimum attainment or any time after. Reader may wish to wait to add more purchases to receive a higher reward after minimum has been attained. At any point when we are notified of your desire to redeem, your Gift Card will be sent on to you.

  • Gift Card works throughout the store for all product and can be used anytime after redemption without fear of it being expired until you run out.


  • Whenever you are ready to claim, after minimum of $50.00 has been attained, contact us through our site to claim reward.

  • Use the CHAT ICON found on every page to message us or contact us through the form at our HOME PAGE.

  • Details must include;

                > SUBJECT: Big Spender Gift Card Reward

                > Dhemfah Account Name

                > Total Purchase Amount Spent at Dhemfah

Dhemfah Readership Subscription Gift

For every new subscribers into our Readership Base through our Readership List Subscription Popup, We offer two (2) books of your choice to you from our shop. A gift card covering those two books will be issued to you once details are sent to us.


  • Subscriber must be a Member of Dhemfah Store. (Ie; first set up a member account then subscribe to our Readership Base using the same member details)

  • Subscriber must be a Reader.

  • Subscriber can only claim gift Once. The first time he/she joins our Readership Base.

  • Information submitted must be valid and from only one person. Cannot be the same person using different accounts.

  • As a reader, subscriber agree to receive monthly newsletter updates from Dhemfah.


  • You get an additional book for inviting at least 10 people to join our Readership Base who mentions you.



  • Subscriber must send us a message through our site to claim their 2 book gift. 

  • Use the CHAT ICON found on every page to message us or contact us through the form at our HOME PAGE.

  • Details must include;

                > SUBJECT: New Reader subscriber

                > Dhemfah Account Name

                > 2 book choice (author, book title, series title) of each

                > Person who recommended you to join, (if any).

Readers FAQ

AUTHOR/Publisher FAQs

Dhemfah Store?

Dhemfah is a 3rd Party Seller site and another platform for USERS (Authors/Self-Publishers, Other Retailers and Publishers) to publish, distribute and sell their books to a wider range of market. There is no publication fee and Users retain their book rights. This is not a publication company but rather a marketplace just like Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Nobles and so on.


Filling The User Details

This is the starting point for every USER (Author/Self-Publisher, Retailers and Publishers) who have signed up an account with Dhemfah Store.


Before placing books for sale on our store, Users must First Fill in their User Details through the User Setup Page. Once that is done, Users will immediately be able to access their dashboards, adding books to our stores and managing them.

Publisher FAQ

Detailed Service List

To make things much more easier for Authors, Self-publishers and others interested in this service, Dhemfah has a page which lists out all possible author services recommended by both Users and End Users. Author services includes but are not limited to;

  • Bloggers

  • Beta Readers

  • Cover Artists

  • Editors

  • Magazines

  • Personal Assistants (PAs)

  • Proofreaders

  • Reviewers

  • And so much more

We provide this page in hopes that those who wish to use this information can easily locate competitive services. However, we in no way take responsibility for the usage of this services. Users are thus expected to find out all information regarding the service provider before using their service as we will not be liable for the 3rd party contracts and agreement between users and service providers.

To protect both users and service providers, all those who wish to view and add to this information MUST be logged in. Page can be located at the footer of every page on our site.

Promotion and Tax Forms


Dhemfah does promotions for every new book placed on our site. Thus, in addition to having your books on our site,

  • We will  engage in a month-long intensive advertising plan through external means for all books added to Dhemfah.

  • An automatic 1st month discount will be applied on all new books to draw in readers.

  • Books will also be featured through our site to readily reach readers.

  • All new users will receive a Promo coupon of $10 for which they can apply at any time to their books to increase their visibility by placing Promo Ads through their User dashboard. We advice not using this promo option during the 1st month of your new book placement as a discount will already be automatically applied to it.


At the end of each year, your tax forms will be issued to your dashboard electronically. More information on this can be found at our Terms & Conditions. 


ESDC Channel:

Dhemfah distributes books to our ESDC channel automatically. Users are also able to select this option on their own so that books reflect in our ERead Platform. Joining the platform is not an exclusive deal. Thus users can enrol in our EDSC channel and still sell at other major retailers like Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo and so on.

Users can opt into this channel by checking the distribution box when adding a new book to our platform for sales. Books sent to this channel goes live within 24 hours and immediately begin making sales for the Users.

The market size of our partner Ereading platform is over 1 million readers and those readers sectioned off according to their reading preference in Genre, Pairing category and so on.

Royalty Information:

Dhemfah partners with an exclusive ereading platform and sales from this channels are counted per page read of our customers.


  • ESDC is an online reading platform for end users.

  • ESDC Calculations:

        > Total Sales: $0.25 * 1 page read

        > User's Share: $0.075 * 1 page read


Other Retailer Option:




What & How To Publish?

Dhemfah accepts both eBooks and Audiobooks for sales on our store.


  • eBooks uploaded in (Kindle Mobi) format

  • Audiobooks uploaded in (WAV, FLAC or MP3) format


To access your User Dashboard, go to Dashboard after logging In and Click the "My User Dashboard" button there.

Once your User Dashboard is fully operable, you can view your Sales Report, Run Promotions and Deals, Upload New Books and Manage them through your dashboard. Use the 'Add Books' tab to upload new book details and they will publish within 24 hours once books are submitted.

Note that you will have to be logged In to your account before you can use the platform or your books will not submit.

Authors with multiple pen names are allowed to open a single account and fill a single User Details form. Then when adding new books, use as many pen names as they wish within their account.

Publishers and Other Retailers are also are allowed to open a single account with a single User Details information. Then add as many authored books as they have.

How and When Will Royalties Be Paid?

Sales reports will be published to User's Sales Page as books are sold. First Royalties are Paid at the end of each bi-monthly period after a book is added to Dhemfah Platform; 

  • P1 (Jan. - Feb.) Paid on March 25.

  • P2 (Mar. - Apr.) Paid on May 25.

  • P3 (May - Jun.) Paid on July 25.

  • P4 (Jul. - Aug.) Paid on September 25.

  • P5 (Sept. - Oct.) Paid on November 25.

  • P6 (Nov. - Dec.) Paid on January 25.


​Afterwards, monthly payments will be sent out regularly on a monthly basis.


  • All Royalties are paid via Paypal account.

  • Royalties are 70% of Retail Price of sales through our on-site sales channel.

  • Distribution to our exclusive sub-distribution channel (ESDC) will bring in 30% royalty.


User issues; Contact Us

Users must contact us through our form below with their accounts regarding any issues. Kindly note that Users must be logged into their account before using the form.

DMCA Notices can also be sent using the form below.


Once your message has been sent to us, kindly wait 24hrs for a customer agent to get back to you regarding your issues.

DMCA Notice

For Books that violate the copyright laws, kindly send us a DMCA Notice if your right have been infringed upon. Dhemfah does not own the works uploaded to our store and thus Users of our distribution store certify to us that they own the rights to upload all works therein.


Your notice must include:

  • Publisher/Author Name, Dhemfah Email account, Legal name, address and phone number of the copyright owner and the person authorized to act on their behalf;

  • An identification of the copyright claimed to have been infringed upon; 

  • Direct hyperlink to the infringing book listed at Dhemfah of both the copyright (Original) owner and the accused party;

  • A statement by the Infringed:

              (a) that you are either the copyright owner or a person authorized to act on their behalf.

              (b) under penalty of perjury, that all of the information contained in your Infringement Notice is accurate, and

              (c) that you believe in good faith that the use of the content that you claim to infringe your copyright is not authorized by law, or by the copyright owner or such owner’s agent;

Contact Form

Users, contact us with this form for any issues. You must be logged into your account before using this form.

Your enquiry has been submitted. We will get back to you within 24hrs.

FAQ: Feedback Form
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