Cheeky Meets Her Match [A More Perfect Union 2] by David Baggins, Teddi Baggins

Cheeky Meets Her Match [A More Perfect Union 2] by David Baggins, Teddi Baggins


Cheeky is the naughty computer that oversees Center, a New Age California spank to love health spa. Doc, the resident psychologist administers spankings for the benefit of hopeful lovers seeking their path forward. Cheeky calculates that what is good for the floundering lovers is also good for the ill nation. She dispatches trained spank teams to go cure D.C, Hollywood, Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Good behavior breaks out across the troubled nation.


Cheeky, for all her great equation of the human condition, could not calculate what follows. Divinity has put spank magic in those tender ruling bottoms. The age of spank unleashes a miraculous transformation; integrity and wonder are upon us.


The spank teams return to Center to deliberate on how magic is changing them. What of the angels who appear in moments of spank exuberance? With the rebirth of spank frolic, as told in Cheeky’s Legacy, they awake from their long slumber.


The time has come to form a new and “More Perfect Union”. Spankings wisely given and received are the cure for all that went wrong in the old failing republic, opening America to a new era of behind consciousness. Will the strap prove mighty enough to change the course of human affairs? The magic in a pink behind becomes self-evident.


What becomes of Cheeky? Has she met her Match?

  • Book Information

    PUBLISHER: Blazing Heart Publishing
    RELEASE DATE: December 28, 2019
    GENRE: Fantasy Romance
    WORD COUNT: 57,828 words
    Format: eBook, Kindle Mobi
    LANGUAGE: English

  • Story Excerpt

           “I need you to do something,” Doc  said.
           “Anything I can,” she meant it, utterly.
           “Tomorrow you will lead us in morning meditation.”
           She nodded. That was her special role at Center. It’s where she first began to learn that she was gifted in her own right.
           “I need you to help people see that they each have their own very special gift.”
           Grace hesitated.
           Doc continued, “We need to understand. We are grasping at bits of a bigger puzzle. First understanding our own gifts then sharing is how we are going to put it all together.”
           She looked panicked. “I want to help,” she was being earnest. “But how do I help them to understand when I don’t.”
           Doc sat in his session chair. “I need you to be able to do this. If you walk them forward, it will start a synergy, and we all will grow.”
           The pressure on Grace was overwhelming. She loved this man and was committed to the movement with all her heart. But doubt owned her and she couldn’t fight it. Who am I to lead these people when I’m so baffled myself? She felt genuine panic.
           “Step out of the robe,” Doc said in a voice that was calm and commanding.
           Grace obeyed without a thought. Doc indulged for a moment in the beauty of her, full figured and face beautifully framed in brunette hair. Her love for and submission to him made her all the more enticing.
           “Across,” that simple lovely word. 
           Command obeyed without negotiation. In such submission a woman is restored to her inner girl, and real growth is possible. The delicious slight bounce in her step as she mounted his lap. She knew at some deep, perhaps intuitive level this was exactly what she needed.
           He spanked to the crest of each cheek. No words, no instructions. She knew to take it in and let the spanking guide her.
           She thought about what a complete mess her life had been before Center as she sang her first ouch. She thought about how much her man Z had changed once the grace of spanking touched him; the growing warmth in her bottom helped her to love him more.
           She thought of her work in Hollywood. All that talent wasted before they began to session at her house. They had a will to perform, but no depth, no purpose. Again and again she witnessed some inner light touch them as their bottoms reddened.
           It all suddenly made sense to Grace! The flash of insight that occurs after a lifetime of preparation: behind was the inner sense. Aroused behind consciousness makes us the better form of ourselves. We become our better stronger inner selves as we submit to and are nourished from spanking magic. She squealed, her last spanking magic for this moment complete.
           “Thank you doctor, I think I can do it now,” she heard herself say.
           He spanked more, “think or know?” he asked.
           “Know,” she answered without delay, slightly pleading.

EBook Format: Kindle Mobi

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A Perfect Continuation!


This books ties well into the first book in the series Hawk's Heart. Really enjoyed reading it and waiting for more from the author!