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  • Reviewers & ARC Team agree to join our Dhemfah Reviewers List for free Access to all books on our store in exchange for honest reviews.

  • Reviewers MUST be professional services with blogs or websites of their own.

  • Reviewers MUST already have a service profile on our store. If not, list your profile by 'Adding a new Recommendation'

  • Unless Admin of ARC Teams inform their member of the site and reviewers list directly, members who wish to join this list from ARC teams MUST first inform their team and their admin, sharing link to this join site ( to ensure the team members are all aware.

  • ARC Team Admin MUST then Contact Us through our website and verify their agreement to have their teams join our store reviewers list.

  • All those who wish to join and be considered MUST first have an account with Dhemfah Store. Then be Signed In when filling the join request.

  • For each book chosen for review on our store, you MUST fill the Reviewers Book Track. Successive failure to do so will put you on probation then finally removal from our list and privileges.

  • All books chosen from our site must FIRST be Reviewed on our store then ANY other retailer of your choice. Reviews to other retailers must link back to our store. (

Reviewers Join

NB: Before joining, all reviewers must already have a profile at our Service List.  

Failing that, you must be a member of an ARC Team that referred you to this site.

You must First have an account (Sign Up/Log In) with our Store to be considered.

Service Provider: *

Reviewer: *

Already Listed In our Service List?: *

Join Request:

NB: As a Dhemfah Reviewer, you agree that in exchange to free access to books on our site, you'll post honest reviews of any book chosen to our site as well as to other retailer sites, linking back to us. That is, for every book chosen from Dhemfah, our link will be included in reviews posted to our store and other retailers sites.

Link - (

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Reviewers Book Track

NB: Once you have chosen a book from our site to review, you must fill this form either at book choosing or after review has been posted. Consecutive failure to do so will lead you you finally being taken off our reviewers list.

Service Provider: *

Reviewer: *


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Sites Posted: *

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Reviewers List

Only reviewers belonging to the ARC Team or listed can view their own pages.

Reviewers List
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