Enlightened [Savage Island 2] by Cree Storm & Maggie Walsh

Enlightened [Savage Island 2] by Cree Storm & Maggie Walsh


Feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and underappreciated with having to set up everything for the new training facility on the island all by himself, Heath has very little time to eat or even sleep, forget getting to know his new found mate.


Because of his size, Felix had always been underestimated and forced to prove himself. He had hopes that starting a new life on his friend Savage’s island would change all of that, but this time is no different. Having to deal with trainees who only see the size of his body and not the skill that lives within him as well as having to deal with finding his mate who is frustrated and angry, it forces Felix to call on all his training to find inner peace. But this time, trying to prove himself, Felix may have gone too far. It’s the only explanation as to why someone would try and kill him.


Will he be able to get out of this situation before he pays with his life? Can Felix count on his mate to help? Or will Heath be so consumed by what needs to be done and trying to make others happy that he doesn’t even notice when his mate’s life is in danger?

  • Book Information

    PUBLISHER: Jean-Pierre Dagenais
    RELEASE DATE: January 4, 2020
    GENRE: LGBT Erotica, Paranormal Romance
    WORD COUNT: 48,540 words
    Editor: Ann Attwood
    Cover Artist: JP Graphics Designs
    LANGUAGE: English

  • Story Excerpt

           When Russell let out a low grunt, Gill pushed himself to his feet and went to his man. Gill slid in beside him and wrapped his arms around Russell’s waist. Immediately, Russell, lowered his arms and rested one over Gill’s shoulders and pulled him close. That was something Gill really loved about his mate. Russell was very hands on and was always finding an excuse to touch him without hesitation. It made Gill feel special and loved.
           “Is everything okay, my love?” Gill asked as he rubbed his cheek against Russell’s chest, loving the feel of those muscles and the wild manly scent of his mate.
           “Everything’s on schedule, baby.”
           “Then why do you look so intense and burdened? The way you’re staring down there looks like you wish you could set everything on fire with just that look.”
           Russell sighed heavily as he gave Gill a squeeze, then kissed the top of his head before he replied, “I know this is necessary and I agree with the council on its need, but I’m still afraid this may change what we have here. This island has been our sanctuary for a few millennia and I don’t want anything to take that away from Grey, Lani, Heath, you, or any of the other creatures who call this home and have found safety here.”
           Gill rubbed a hand up Russell’s chest trying to comfort his mate and ease his worries. “I understand. I’m happy that the council has given you full authority here, so that will help. Not having them interfere and tell you what you can and can’t do is a plus. As you said, your word is law here, so make sure you hold down the law when these men and women arrive. Right from the start let them know what to expect so if they don’t agree or can’t deal with it, then they are free to go before anyone wastes their time.”
           “Perfectly said, sweetness,” Russell said, and kissed his head again. Gill could hear the smile in his man’s voice.
           “So everything is on schedule and will be ready for tomorrow? Who all is coming?” Gill asked as he looked down into the large valley, and watched as the pixies, elves, and fairies worked together to put the final touches on the massive compound below.
           “The specialists will arrive first, coming in all day tomorrow. Then we’ll spend a week with just them letting them acclimate to the island and get the lay of the land, as well as learn all the rules. My doctors, medics, and therapist will be coming in, as well as the cooks and all the leaders.”

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A Perfect Continuation!


This books ties well into the first book in the series Hawk's Heart. Really enjoyed reading it and waiting for more from the author!

A Fantastic Read!

Toby Aden

Really enjoyed reading this book. It had just enough romance to keep me interested till the end. A fascinating tale about Family, Love and the collusion of two worlds.

Love those men

Mary Boehm


She had her hands full with the move when the two brothers showed up and introduced himself to her. Then took her out later that week. Needless to say, she was stoked over for those two brothers

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