Dragon Hearts [D.O.A. 1] by Cree Storm

Dragon Hearts [D.O.A. 1] by Cree Storm


Rene and his men were known as D.O.A., Dragons of Anarchy. They were created centuries ago, by the great Heck, to find and destroy serialists by any means necessary. Each member was gifted with a dragon that was connected to their soul. If One died, so did the other. The men didn't shift into the dragon, but they would call out and the maharishi would join them in the fight against evil. Not wanting their secret discovered, D.O.A. lived in a town called Drago, just outside Poconos Boulevard and they hid behind  their image as a bad ass motorcycle club.


Children were being murdered and Rene, otherwise known as Pit,  along with his men were out to find out who was behind the copy cat murders of a long time serial killer known as the Alphabet Killer. While questioning a victim's mother, Rene discovered his sentience, or what shifters would call a mate.  Now all he had to do was figure out how to tell the man he was not exactly human, and he better do it fast because his dragon heat was already kicking in.


Bren was the local town veterinarian. He figured something was off about SI Rene Telkin. If not by the leather jacket with a large D.O.A. patch on the back  then maybe because he drove a navy Blue Harley Davidson CVO Street glider instead of a tan sedan. 


Bren was not the type to get mixed up with a biker club, even if the man was a cop. However, something kept drawing him to the sexy man and it seemed that nothing would break the bond they were forming. Not even when he discovered the secret all D.O.A. agents held. A large dragon for a partner.


Now Rene has to do his best to claim his mate and also track down a serial killer, because on the last body was a note threatening the good doctor of Poconos Boulevard.

  • Book Information

    PUBLISHER: Jean-Pierre Dagenais
    RELEASE DATE: December 10, 2019
    GENRE: Paranormal, Thriller/Suspense Romance
    WORD COUNT: 51,474 words
    LANGUAGE: English

  • Story Excerpt

           "Hey, Lex, how's it going?" Bren asked as he opened his post office box. 
           Lex smiled as he carried a box filled with US mail towards the door, "Hi, Bren. I'm doing great, thanks for asking."
           As Lex went towards the door, Bren smiled when Erik opened the door allowing Lex out. Bren knew Erik from the numerous trips Erik and his mom made into his vet clinic with the world’s fattest cat, "Hi, Bren." 
           "Nice to see you Erik. How’s Kibbles doing?" Bren asked. 
           "Crotchety as ever, but that means she's good, right?" Erik asked.
           Bren laughed softly. Kibble was a large, white, very over fed, Persian cat with an attitude as big as her stomach, "Yes, Erik, that's good. Just remember, keep her out of your energy drinks."
           Erik smiled, "I am. I just thought it would get her to move around more. All she was doing was sleeping. Mom lets me give her a tiny bit of cream after football practice now instead."
           Bren mussed up Erik's hair, saying, "Caffeine and cats don't mix. Make sure you follow her diet. Kibbles lays around because she's too heavy and needs to lose some weight. Energy drinks won't change that. Be safe going home."
           Erik waved, "I promise to follow her diet. I better go, if I'm late getting home mom doesn't let me play Call of Duty."
           "Seems you're as good with kids as you are with animals." Lex said, gathering another box of mail.
           Bren snorted, "They're not much different at times. They just need some time and attention and they're great. Ignore them and they tend to want to gain attention any way they can."
           Gathering his mail, Bren turned back seeing Lex struggling with the door while holding the box of mail. Rushing towards the door, Bren called out, "Let me get that for you."
           "Thanks." Lex replied as he walked out and to his SUV.
           Pulling out his car keys, Bren said, "You know, they should give you a city vehicle for all the miles you have to put on that thing."
           "I get great gas mileage and they do mile checks for free. Besides, this is what I use for work. I have my baby at home that I use for my own personal enjoyment. It's a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. 570 horsepower with twin-turboV8 engine. I can hit over one seventy-five in no time and it glides as if it's on air." Lex said as he placed the mail in his passenger seat.
           Bren stood there not knowing what to say. He had no clue what any of that shit was Lex just told him, but it seemed important to the guy, so Bren smiled, "That sounds nice."
           Lex laughed, "You know nothing about cars, do you?"
           Shaking his head, Bren replied, "No, sorry. The only horses I know anything about are the ones people ride."

EBook Format: Kindle Mobi

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A Perfect Continuation!


This books ties well into the first book in the series Hawk's Heart. Really enjoyed reading it and waiting for more from the author!

A Fantastic Read!

Toby Aden

Really enjoyed reading this book. It had just enough romance to keep me interested till the end. A fascinating tale about Family, Love and the collusion of two worlds.

Love those men

Mary Boehm


She had her hands full with the move when the two brothers showed up and introduced himself to her. Then took her out later that week. Needless to say, she was stoked over for those two brothers

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