The Mystic Retreat Mystery by Maya Anders

The Mystic Retreat Mystery by Maya Anders

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Lumbered with a world-famous hippie artist for a mother, Etheria Goldsmith gravitated to the opposite extreme. As cynical and materialistic as they come, she's pissed off -- to say the least -- when said mother enrolls her on a loopy Goddess Meditation retreat in some ancient mansion in the middle of nowhere.


Things only start to look up when Etheria discovers the participants will be meditating in the nude, since ogling naked females is one of her favorite pastimes. Even better, she finds herself grouped with a Tantric sex expert named Katie Drake.


But Katie is on an undercover mission, digging into the twisted truth behind the meditation retreat. The drama culminates in a string of spooky murders ... and Etheria and Katie find themselves locked in with the murderer!

  • Book Information:

    RELEASE DATE: March 21, 2020
    GENRE: Contemporary Erotic FF Romance
    Format: eBook, Kindle Mobi
    WORD COUNT: 9,413 words
    ISBN: 9781646562909
    Cover Artist: Written Ink Designs
    LANGUAGE: English

EBook Format: Kindle Mobi

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A Perfect Continuation!


This books ties well into the first book in the series Hawk's Heart. Really enjoyed reading it and waiting for more from the author!

A Fantastic Read!

Toby Aden