Rescuing Trent [Heroes of the Heart] by Rose Nickol

Rescuing Trent [Heroes of the Heart] by Rose Nickol


Trent Simmons was a broken man, just trying to make his way in the world. After he and his team of private security were assigned to protect Pricilla Wilder from a reliable threat, he found his will to live again, Pricilla. 


Pricilla had been raised by her mother after her father had disappeared doing his job with one of the alphabet agencies. For years they thought he was dead. She'd learned that she didn't need a man in her life and was happy on her own.


While Trent and his team were protecting Pricilla, she and Trent formed a friendship that gradually drifted into more.  When his duties were over, Trent kept in contact with Pricilla and they began dating.  Pricilla wanted to take things slow and Trent was fine with that.  He'd been burnt in the past and neither of them was ready to rush into anything.


Once they finally decided the time was right to take their relationship to the next step, a series of misadventures got in the way. Their lives became one problem after another. Then when they finally were able to move on, jealousy hit Pricilla. Deep down in her heart, she knew she could trust Trent, but her head told her otherwise.


Would she win the fight with herself and learn to trust, or would their relationship be lost forever?

  • Book Information

    PUBLISHER: Self-Published
    RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2020
    GENRE: Contemporary, Erotica, Suspense ROmance
    Format: eBook, Kindle MObi
    WORD COUNT: 28,143 words
    ISBN: 9781386460473
    Editor: Ann Attwood
    Cover Artist: JP Graphics Designs
    LANGUAGE: English

EBook Format: Kindle Mobi

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A Perfect Continuation!


This books ties well into the first book in the series Hawk's Heart. Really enjoyed reading it and waiting for more from the author!

A Fantastic Read!

Toby Aden