Finding His Mate [Satan's Bears2] by Rose Nickol

Finding His Mate [Satan's Bears2] by Rose Nickol


Justine hated working as a stripper for Razor, the leader of the wolves, but the pay was good.  It wasn’t a bad job, but Masher, one of the members of the club decided he wanted her and would do anything to get her. When her friend Jasmine disappeared, Justine knew something was up. Then she met Tito. When she contacted Maisy, Jasmine’s sister to pass on a message from her boss, Stud, the President of the Satan’s Bears sent Tito to bring Justine to him.


Marcus (Tito) Titoloni, a huge biker bear, worked for Satan’s Bears, the MC club that owned and ran Redding Flats. Tito was something Justine hadn’t been expecting. He was sexy as sin and so overprotective just like you would expect a bear shifter to be. Justine didn’t want to fall for him, but found that she couldn’t help herself. Tito walked into her life and took over. He handled things firmly and fairly and the sex wasn’t bad either. But what she did know from meeting Tito was that she was in so much trouble.

  • Book Information

    PUBLISHER: Blazing Heart Publishing
    RELEASE DATE: December 29, 2019
    GENRE: Paranormal Romance
    WORD COUNT: 33,913 words
    LANGUAGE: English

  • Story Excerpt

           He relaxed up against the door. “Tell me, Mama, what’s got you so riled up? You got to work tonight?” He knew she didn’t, but she didn’t need to know how much he knew about her.
           “I need to get home. I got shit I need to do. I can’t be sitting all day and waiting for some fucking biker to come to talk to me.” Justine stood up and started to walk back to the door.
           Tito gently pushed her back down. “Talk to me, Mama. Tell me about yourself. It will make the time pass. I’ll start.” He walked back over to the door and sat on the floor facing her. “They call me Tito, but I told you that part already. My folks called me Marcus. Marcus Titoloni is my whole name. I have only been around here about a year. Before that, I was kinda lost and wandering around. I went overseas with the Army for a while and came back fucked up. I still ain’t got a lot of that shit dealt with, but it’s better. Keys, he’s a good dude, he was in the service with me and found out how fucked up I was. He got me back here and made sure I got the help I needed. The VA they ain’t so good for some folk and I got… Well, you don’t need to know all that shit. Tell me about you.”
           Justine watched him as he talked and noticed the laugh lines on the side of his eyes. His voice was deep and raspy and sent happy little tingles through her as he spoke. She didn’t know why but she felt safe with him. Safer than she’d felt for a long time. Maybe she could share a little of her story with him. He’d told her about his life. What could it hurt to tell him a few things?

EBook Format: Kindle Mobi

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A Perfect Continuation!


This books ties well into the first book in the series Hawk's Heart. Really enjoyed reading it and waiting for more from the author!

A Fantastic Read!