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Robert James Bridge

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I am a eighty year old prolific author with eight books on smashwords,three of which are on and more recently another on https://www.penitpubl;icationsLLC
I hope readers enjoy my adult fictional crime series as much as I did writing all four books?.I say adult simply because each books contains a small amount of explicit material and may not be suitable for children?.
I continue to write almost daily since I just love writing and always have since I was a child.

My Talks:


What makes a good writer?

I think to be a good writer you have to have the ability to concentrate and have a lot of patience.


What advice would you give to a new writer who dreams of publication?.

I would say do not let rejection get you down and continue to write even if sometimes you think it not worth it?.


How would a young writer begin?

I began many years ago by putting pen to paper then transferring it to my typewriter,then go through it word by word to find any mistakes,then as the years went by I wrote on paper,then on my computer ,then edited my stories to perfection before sending them in to prospective publishers who never asked for money?..


My last request is to say if it becomes a chore then give it up,but if like me you love what you do then stay at it.

Finally no matter what never give up as the pleasure is when you see your premier tome in book form and in the bookshops.And Lastly but not least never ever pay for publication and watch out for the vanity press.

My Books:

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